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Our offerings include ...

Software Delivery

Kingsmen's Software Delivery solves your internal business problems with an external software team.

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Cloud Solutions

Kingsmen Cloud Solutions help you discover the best solutions that meet your business needs and make it actual.

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Product Discovery

Kingsmen Product Discovery is a collaborative process to visualize, validate and communicate your design ideas.

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Technical Due Diligence

With deep knowledge in due diligence, we provide unique and valuable insights for M&A transactions and startup investment.

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Our advisory services include ...

Kingsmen Architecture & Engineering

We've done this before. We aren't staff augmentation or rent-a-dev. We focus on real, working software.

Kingsmen DevOps Services

With deep experience in enterprise DevOps, continuous integration and continuous deployment, we’re able to support DevOps initiatives from assessment to implementation.

Kingsmen UX & Customer Experience

We focus on user goals and create innovative digital experiences that provide value to users and to businesses.

Kingsmen Assessments

See your software before the first line of code. A Kingsmen assessment accelerates software development while reducing costs.