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Why You Should Plan for Failure if You Want To Succeed

IT project failure is much more common than you might think. Research by KPMG, AIPM and IPMA found just 19 percent of companies successfully deliver projects (most of the time). You don’t have to be on the wrong side of this statistic, though.

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How We Build a Roadmap for Software Development Success

Welcome to the final stage of our planning journey. We have an idea of where we’re going in the form of a vision and a set of key objectives. We understand what the destination looks like due to our business and technical models. Now, we need to draw a roadmap that.

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How To Get Your Software Project off the Ground

Going from idea to execution is one of the most exhilarating journeys in software development. But it’s not always easy to get projects off the ground, let alone maintain momentum when they’re out in the world.

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5 Key Characteristics of Enterprise-Grade Software

Businesses of all kinds, from global behemoths to small and medium-sized organizations here in the U.S. rely on enterprise-grade software to power their operations. But what is enterprise-grade software and what separates it from all of the other applications a.

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Why Experience Matters When Planning a Software Project

Planning a software development project is like planning a road trip:

  • The organization’s visions and objectives are the destination.
  • Models and use case diagrams act as a roadmap.
  • A feature map and iteration plan serve as the directions.

Learner’s permits won’t.

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The Benefits of a Portfolio Mindset For Software Development

Most organizations approach software development the same as any other project, with a defined start date and end date. But when is a piece of software ever really finished? Updates will always be required, especially if the software is customer-facing and driving real.

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Why Discovery Is the Most Important Stage in Software Development

The discovery process is the first step in any software development project. It is also the most important and the most overlooked.

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The True Cost of a Failed Project

Most software development teams have experienced a failed project at some point in their careers.

The problem is not usually the development itself. The reason many software projects fail is because teams neglect the important work that happens before the actual build.

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How We Model Project Success in Software Development

Once we’ve established objectives and key results for a project, we take a more granular view of how to achieve them. To do this, we use business models and technical models that help us understand your business as a whole, the current systems in place and any work.

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How To Build the Right Team

Once a well-defined program of work has been established, we assess the internal resources at our disposal and build teams that can execute the program in an efficient and reliable manner.

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A Well-Defined Program: The Secret to a Successful Project

When you work with Kingsmen Software you aren’t just getting a source code file at the end of the project. We work with you to refine your process and workflow in a way that has a lasting impact on your organization.

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Defining Success: Seeing the Big Picture in a Software Development Project

One of the very first things we do once we’re partnering with a company is to establish a big picture vision and objectives and key results. When you’re clear on the big picture and your main objectives, the rest of your software development project comes into focus.

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Cloud Performance Management: 5 Metrics to Track Post-Migration

Cloud environments grow and evolve. Their dynamism gives organizations unprecedented flexibility, but managing that dynamism can be a challenge.

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How to Secure Your Cloud Without Compromising Usability

Cloud security is a growing concern for organizations everywhere.

That’s according to Bitglass’ 2020 Cloud Security Report, which found almost all (93%) respondents were “moderately” or “extremely” concerned about cloud security. Two-thirds said data leakage was their.

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Cloud Management: After Your Migration

The cloud can streamline your operations, provide cost-efficiencies and deliver an improved end-user experience.

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