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For Better Software, Plan Early and Often

As the world has raced online following the outbreak of COVID-19, new software offerings seem to be the answer to every business question. Yet software is a tool. Like other business tools, it can only benefit a business when applied to a particular challenge or goal.

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Fintech Software: To Build the Right Product, First Map the Territory

A reliable software product isn’t something that just gets built ad hoc. Every software build takes effort, time and commitment.

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3 Strategic Decisions Growing Fintech Companies Should Make

A rush of new customers is a good problem to have.

Yet this moment poses several major challenges for fintech companies in the middle of a scaleup. Parallel concerns emerge about maintaining customer relationships, handling (and securing) data at scale, and how even to.

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How to Support Fintech Customers While Building Tomorrow’s Tech

Developing or upgrading a fintech company’s core software may take months or even years to complete. Meanwhile, the company must carry on its existing business with customers who cannot afford even a day of downtime.

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The 3 Characteristics OF A Successful Fintech Scaleup

A fintech company may plan for a predicted pace of growth. Exploding interest in the company’s offerings or a sudden influx of new customers, can send even the best-laid plans out the window.

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To Thrive in the Future, Focus on Preparing Your Software Today

As financial technology develops, it places new demands on organizations and their teams to learn new skills, scale operations and maintain effective cyber security. Software evolution also affects and is affected by customer demands, adding one more layer of urgency.

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How Software Development Partnerships Ease Fintech Growing Pains

Growing fintech companies typically put their customers first. Technology develops alongside, and in support of, the growing customer base.

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What are Software Planning Engagements & Do They Matter?

Software planning engagements help set and manage expectations for any product creation process. This engagement model offers transparency and clarity to clients while also showing them outcomes and deliverables.

We’re going to examine the software planning engagement.

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What is a Feature Team & What Are the Benefits of Using One?

Feature teams provide a complete package for customers, including software designing, programming, analyzing, and testing. They are customer-centric and deliver a full customer feature with just one team, leading to faster results and more innovation.

In this guide,.

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