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What Is an AI Lab? A Gateway to Innovation


Generative artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on many sectors, and software development is no different. 

It has the potential to significantly accelerate development times, free up developers to focus on more creative outputs, and even act as the focal point for enterprise-grade applications that bring the benefits of AI to just about any business. 

To that end, Kingsmen Software has created an AI Lab that acts as a gateway to innovation for teams of any size. It functions as a nurturing ground for those looking to implementing AI solutions across their organization or software application. It also lets you rapidly build new prototypes in a sandboxed environment and work with experts in the AI field to push the barriers. 

Read on to find out how our AI Lab could benefit your business.


What Is an AI Lab?

Kingsmen Software’s AI Lab allows organizations of all sizes to leverage the possibilities of AI. Created by an enterprise-level custom development house, it is far more than a third-party ChatGPT-esque tool that leaves you to figure out how to implement AI. 

Instead, It takes the decades of knowledge our team has acquired on how to best build software applications and understand the foundational elements necessary to deploy AI solutions across an organization or build into an existing software application, explains Frank Wanicka, Kingsmen Software CTO and partner. That means you still have human experts who can help you determine the feasibility of AI concepts and build a proof of concept utilizing the platform of capabilities that we have built.

The AI Lab allows companies to:

  • Ideate and explore what is possible.
  • Explore feasibility and evaluate whether a project can be successful.
  • Do R&D and understand the components necessary for successful implementation.
  • Produce a proof of concept and show that the idea will work.
  • Build a pilot project to demonstrate what a fully deployed AI solution would look like.

To be clear, the AI Lab isn’t limited to apps or technologies with AI at its core. Our AI platform rapidly accelerates development times, meaning you can have a functional prototype built in a matter of weeks, not months. Any idea for an app you previously thought was impossible to build because of the time or cost of doing so is now, potentially, within reach. At the very least, you can get an AI solution quickly and decide whether it is worth building out a full application. 

Nor is there any difference in the level of quality, says Frank Wanicka. Just because we are developing AI solutions more quickly doesn’t mean the builds are any less professional. Nor will they require redoing in the future. This is exactly the same enterprise grade mindset we take when building traditional software, just in less time.



Our AI Lab Is Applicable to Any Industry

Kingsmen’s AI Lab aims to democratize access to the benefits of AI. Just about any type of business of any size can use the lab to incubate ideas and rapidly develop prototypes.

You don’t need the expertise, data or computing power to build your own AI model. We’ve removed those roadblocks, says Kingsmen CEO and Partner Bill Clerici. From small businesses and startups to enterprise companies, this Lab is for everyone. 

You don’t have to have a clear idea of how the software will work, either. That’s the beauty of partnering with a team of professional developers instead of using a ChatGPT alternative to code an app yourself. 

McKinsey’s Michael Chui, Roger Roberts, Tanya Rodchenko, Alex Singla, Alex Sukharevsky, Lareina Yee and Delphine Zurkiya say it is necessary for every CRO to consider the value generative AI can bring to their business. 

“The economics and technical requirements to start are not prohibitive, while the downside of inaction could be quickly falling behind competitors,” they write.

“Each CEO should work with the executive team to reflect on where and how to play. Some CEOs may decide that generative AI presents a transformative opportunity for their companies, offering a chance to reimagine everything from research and development to marketing and sales to customer operations. Others may choose to start small and scale later.”


Use Our AI Lab to Accelerate Implementation of AI Solutions

First and foremost, Kingsmen’s AI Lab is a business offering that lets you accelerate development times and build prototype solutions for a fraction of the cost. 

“We've built out an internal toolkit to be able to rapidly implement and deploy AI solutions across an organization or into a software application,” explains Greg Hart. “This allows organizations to get to market faster while still adopting an enterprise-grade mindset that delivers quality, functional software.”

AI allows us to concentrate our time and effort. Because some of a developer’s day-to-day workload can be automated using AI, they can focus on the bigger picture.



Use Our Lab to Incubate AI Ideas

Unlike startups that have the freedom to experiment with AI technologies from the very beginning, established enterprises are, naturally, wary of the risk of prematurely incorporating AI into their business models. 

With that in mind, we’ve designed our lab to act as a sandbox for large organizations. These companies can dip a toe into the world of AI-powered solutions and AI-assisted software development without allowing these tools to access private data.

In this instance, businesses get the best of both worlds. They continue to protect corporate data and safeguard their business while rapidly building application prototypes and experimenting with how generative AI can change business practices. 

Instead of tentatively going through a discovery session and building out a roadmap for a product that may or may not get approved, businesses can develop several prototype iterations in a matter of weeks, says Bill Clerici. 

If and when these businesses are ready to incorporate AI into their workflows, they already have an application ready to go. If they decide to take a different avenue, they haven’t exposed their businesses to undue risk. 


Use Our Lab to Network With Like-Minded Companies

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So says an African proverb. 

With generative AI, we believe you can go far and fast — especially if you work together. That doesn’t just mean working alongside an experienced team of AI technologists. It means tapping into a platform of capabilities to rapidly test and deploy AI solutions.

When you start to use an AI Lab to rapidly build prototypes or full-scale applications, you’ll quickly need expertise from a range of other sectors. Connecting with other professionals and organizations exploring the benefits of AI provides inspiration and sharing of ideas to bring ideas to life.

That’s the final benefit of Kingsmen’s AI Lab that we aim to deliver to clients, says Bill Clerici. You don’t just get a rapidly developed piece of software or an environment to safely explore AI-powered development. You get all of the support you need to take a new idea to market. 


Experiment With AI Alongside Kingsmen Software

The future of AI is not just about innovation. It’s also about implementation and integration into everyday business operations. Generative AI offers immense opportunities to businesses of every size, whether they are integrating AI into business processes or using it to rapidly build new applications. 

Kingsmen Software’s AI Lab opens the door to innovation and makes implementation easy. Whether you want to accelerate development timelines, cut costs, experiment safely with the technology or just network with other individuals, our Lab helps you unlock the potential of AI. 

If you have an idea for a new application or want to find out more about how our AI-assisted development offering works, contact our team today


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