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Chris Nowak to Present at DevOps Enterprise Summit

Chris Nowak, Chief Transformation Officer at Kingsmen Software, will present on Tuesday November 15th at the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco. Both his presentation and seat on the panel will discuss Enterprise DevOps Transformations and how to successfully achieve scale in complex organizations that are decades old.


Alliances, Data and Startup Mentality – How we Led Three Banks through DevOps Transformations

Banks are the perfect storm of DevOps anti-patterns where Technical, Organizational and Cultural barriers are all stacked against you.

This talk discusses how to grow a coalition, anchor behavior, and defend your efforts from those threatened by them. The techniques help incubate your transformation until there is enough critical mass to make it tough to derail.

Presenter: Chris Nowak

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1:40-2:10 p.m.

Plaza A Breakout


Enterprise Adoption of DevOps: Lessons learned from major corporations that have successfully scaled DevOps.

DevOps is evolving into a major enabler of business innovation. Done well it can drive digital transformation at an enterprise level. But crossing the chasm from successful DevOps pilots to enterprise adoption remains a challenge.

Join author Sanjeev Sharma, author of the DevOps Adoption Playbook and DevOps for Dummies, as he hosts a discussion with DevOps pros from enterprises that are successfully achieving scale as they unpack the “new normal” for disruptive software delivery. You’ll learn how to assess your own organization’s readiness for scaling DevOps, and to identify next steps.

Presenter: Sanjeev Sharma

Co-Presenter: Frank Canihuante

Co-Presenter: Chris Nowak

Co-Presenter: Mark Peterson

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11:10 a.m.-12:10 p.m.

Imperial B Breakout

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