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Michael Kerr Joins as Head of Engineering

Kingsmen Software announces new Head of Engineering Michael Kerr, who will drive technology and software delivery for the organization. He brings a tremendous amount of experience in designing, developing and maintaining customer facing web applications and managing software development teams.

Kerr joined Kingsmen wanting to be “an influencer and an integral part of the rapid growth that has led the company to be one of the 50 fastest growing companies in Charlotte,” he says.

“I am passionate about building high performing teams who focus on delivering efficient, scalable web applications for our clients and customers.”

Spending the past several years in a senior leadership position at Bank of America, Michael helped deliver an omni-channel account opening platform for their associates and customers. At Premier Healthcare Alliance, Kerr worked on a piece of software used by hospitals and physician practices across the country to provide insight into key performance metrics. At The Vanguard Group, he again helped deliver an omni-channel account opening platform.

Intensely focused on “doing things the right way” and highly experienced in application engineering, Kerr’s “enthusiasm for the work and love of discipline we bring to every project makes him an excellent fit,” says Managing Partner Bill Clerici. Kerr holds a BS in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State University.

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