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Kingsmen Software Co-Founder Passes the Torch

Kingsmen Software, a software services firm announced that Co-Founder and CEO Micah Minarik is departing Kingsmen.

Minarik explained, “Kingsmen is stronger than I have ever seen it and is ready for new leadership. Moreover, I want to take what might be my last big swing at creating a software product company. As such, I am stepping down as CEO of Kingsmen Software in order to pursue a new venture.”

“As Partners and members of the leadership team, we are definitely saddened to see Micah leave the day-to-day operations of Kingsmen Software,” said Greg Hart, Co-Founder and CFO. “He has been an inspiration to the company and his delivery rigor and discipline have left an indelible mark on our DNA. We are excited for him as he ventures and takes this opportunity to build a software product company, something he has been passionate about for years.”

“I think Kingsmen is ready for the next step in the company’s journey,” added Minarik, “and I am extremely confident that Kingsmen is poised for continued growth and success. As a demonstration of my continued belief in Kingsmen’s potential, I am maintaining my ownership interest in the company.”

“We are in the strongest position we have been in in over three years, both from a financial and leadership perspective,” continued Hart. “Even in this year’s challenging business environment, Kingsmen is experiencing a growth year and we recently expanded the leadership team of our Delivery organization.”

“We wish Micah all the best in his new pursuits. We will be announcing a new CEO and leadership organization next week.”

About Kingsmen Software

Kingsmen Software is a software services company that crafts high-quality software products and helps their clients do the same via their exclusive approach, The Kingsmen Way, which combines processes, tooling, automation, and frameworks to enable scalability, efficiency, and business agility. Kingsmen’s software studio is located in the historic Camden Cotton Mill in Fourth Ward in Uptown Charlotte, NC. Visit www.kingsmensoftware.com.

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