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Kingsmen Software Selects Bill Clerici as new CEO

Kingsmen Software, a software services firm announced today that Bill Clerici, Managing Partner, has been selected as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Clerici has been a partner with Kingsmen since the early days of the company—back when Kingsmen Software was named Devellocus and was based in Davidson, NC. Prior to joining Kingsmen, Bill held technology leadership roles at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Wachovia.

“Bill’s 20+ years of experience running high-performing development teams makes him the best person to lead Kingsmen”, explained Greg Hart, Co-Founder and CFO. “Not only does he have first-hand knowledge of the complexity of the software we build, but he also understands the power of our outcome-based delivery model.”

“Delivery capabilities aside, Bill is a natural leader and has an easy-going attitude that makes him engaging to work with,” added Kevin Carney, Managing Partner. “He has a palpable passion for his work that motivates everyone to strive to give their best. He is the obvious choice to lead Kingsmen Software as we transition from start-up mode to a mature company.”

“We’ve been pleased with our company’s growth and delivery performance so far this year and we expect that Bill will continue that trajectory.” Bill is expected to announce his leadership team next week.

About Kingsmen Software

Kingsmen Software is a software services company that crafts high-quality software products and helps their clients do the same via their exclusive approach, The Kingsmen Way, which combines processes, tooling, automation, and frameworks to enable scalability, efficiency, and business agility. Kingsmen’s software studio is located in the historic Camden Cotton Mill in Fourth Ward in Uptown Charlotte, NC. Visit www.kingsmensoftware.com.

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