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Leantime Working with Kingsmen Software as a Startup in the New AI Lab

Charlotte, NC – Leantime, an open source strategic project management tool built for non-project managers, today announced they are collaborating with Kingsmen Software as part of their new Kingsmen AI offerings. Kingsmen Software works alongside organizations interested in building or proofing AI as a course for the next level of their businesses.

For Leantime, discovering the new AI Lab came at the perfect time as they were beginning development of their AI features in the project management tool. The founders at Leantime see the benefits of AI extending beyond what we are seeing in tools so far today. For them, AI is an opportunity to create a virtual project manager that augments the human experience in productivity and strategy. 

Having discovered the Kingsmen Software AI program through an article in the Charlotte Inno, it’s there that the program leaders explained the benefits of the new AI Lab; such as rapid prototyping, development partnerships, and accessibility to AI tools, ideation, and offerings that, for startups in particular, may be hard to otherwise come by.

The program is another empowering piece to the growing Charlotte area entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. “After just a few talks, we can already see Kingsmen Software being one of the essential elements” said Gloria Folaron, founder and CEO of Leantime, “to building the future of AI in the productivity and work management space.” 

About Leantime
Leantime is a strategic project management system for non-project managers. Combining a variety of best practices such as design thinking, lean and agile, Leantime provides a tool that doesn’t require any project management experience. Users get to define, plan and execute on their projects including defining project strategy, setting goals, ideating solutions, planning timelines and delivering on tasks. 


About Kingsmen Software
Kingsmen Software is a software services company that crafts high-quality software products and helps their clients do the same via their exclusive approach, The Kingsmen Way, which combines processes, tooling, automation, and frameworks to enable scalability, efficiency, and business agility. For more information on the Kingsmen Software program, visit https://kingsmen.ai/.

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