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Automation + Agility

What is Kingsmen

Software Delivery?

Software Delivery uses automation, agility and business acumen to create great software. It’s a way of developing that values working software above all else. Working software clarifies thinking, focuses teams and produces business results.


We believe in using agile practices to keep our team accountable. We deal with the unexpected in an open and honest way. With Software Delivery, you’ll never wonder what’s happening–or when you’re going to get the next working piece of software.

Output-Based Pricing

Pay for what’s delivered. At Kingsmen, we agree upon a value of every item of work we deliver and only charge after it’s been delivered and accepted.


Using your requirements, the team breaks down your problem into clean, workable efforts with an estimate the whole team supports. When a Kingsmen Software Delivery engagement begins, you get a clear team capacity. You know what you’ll get.

Built-In Flexibility

Nothing clarifies an idea like working software. Requirements change. Our approach allows you to react to what’s being delivered, adjusting requirements and priorities every two weeks.

Independent and Compatible

Kingsmen Software Delivery can be a direct extension of your team and platform. We can work independently with your organization to deliver a solution while keeping you apprised of progress. No need to add staff—just solve the problem.

Low Time Commitment

Kingsmen Software Delivery assigns you a Lead Analyst to take ownership of your work. We then use a proven requirements process that places business value and working software above everything else. You have an always-on advocate on day one.

Our Core Platform

How does Software Delivery work?

The Kingsmen platform allows us to focus on what you need, knowing how we will deliver it. Once you work with us, you won’t want to go back to anything else.


Our development team is bookended by continuous planning and automation. Kingsmen offers expertise in these areas on a consultative basis. However …


We don’t offer our core development on its own. We believe all of these practices must be integrated for us to do our best work. We gauge capacity with an all-inclusive point system that accounts for all the disciplines and routines.


Platform Features & Benefits

Kingsmen was founded by like-minded people in big organizations who believed there was a better way to build software. They created a platform that they themselves would want to use. We think you’ll enjoy using it as well.


Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging our secure cloud-based infrastructure, we avoid upfront hardware costs. It’s only as much infrastructure as you need, and only on demand.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Kingsmen was built on automation and it’s a point of pride. We are a leader in DevOps best practices and you’ll get the benefit of real-world knowledge. Our builds, unit testing, secure static code analysis, functional regression testing, performance testing, cross-browser testing and deployments all occur automatically. Less people, less cost, less bureaucracy—and less mistakes.

Robust Agile Tooling

Our rigorous Application Lifecycle Management tooling enables us to provide you with real-time transparency into the status of a Story, an Iteration, the Release, and the Roadmap. This approach allows us to collaboratively monitor progress and re-prioritize work as necessary. It also automatically provides full traceability from Planning to Requirements to Source Code to Packaging to Testing to Deployment, and then ultimately to Release.


Enterprise-Caliber Software

Our code is industrial-strength. Kingsmen’s team of experienced engineers built software in Fortune 50 companies under the most scrutinized conditions. Our software can easily integrate into your existing enterprise platforms and change management systems.

No Startup Costs

Kingsmen SDaaS was built on complete platform automation, making it simple and predictable to create a fresh, secure environment for your software. You don’t have to find seats and machines, provide network access, or wait for infrastructure.

Quick Mobilization

We automate everything. Sign a contract in the morning and have your team, tools, and environments up the same day. You don’t need to wait for your project to be prioritized, environments to be ready, resources to be hired or access to be granted.

Regulatory Compliance & Security

Kingsmen is serious about the details. Our rigorous SDLC and DevOps processes have passed regulatory muster for requirement management, code management, artifact management, change management and segregations of duties. To keep your development environments secure, we will provide you with a Virtual Private Cloud that is protected with a multi-factor authentication VPN, public and private subnets, and IP white-labeling.

No Licensing

We build it, you keep it. We act as an extension of your internal technology team, so you retain ownership of the application source code and any intellectual property. Once the application is completed, we migrate it to your environments, provide you with the source code and show you how to support it. It’s yours.

See a live demo

Let's get started

Seeing the platform in action is the easiest way to see how your software challenge will be solved. We’re not just consultants.

Unlike other software shops, our work is done in a collaborative studio environment using the exact same tools we will use for your project. You can meet the team and see how we give you the transparency you need to be at ease.